Stunt-Playmobilian is a 27-year old Playmobil Green Dragon knight. Although no one know

A photo of Stunt-Playmobilian from 2009. He doesn't wear the cape, instead, he wears a hood.

s where he is from, it is clear that he is from Asia, although he has caucasian eyes. Him and Test-Playmobilian (his best friend) are the stars in the movie Stunt-Playmobilian The Movie.


His real name is Drey-Sen, which is Playmobil Green Dragon knight language for "The Stunt Knight" which fits him perfectly to this day. Back in 1997, when he was 12, he was leading his cohort for the first time against the Red Dragon knights. when the general's dragon lit his dragon on fire, instinctively, he jumped off to not get burnt. But the dragon had just half a second earlier landed where he was going to, so he plunged down 35 feet to the ocean, and was never seen again for the next 13 days.

The fall knocked him out into a coma for two weeks. A day before he woke up, he was caught in the net of a fishing boat 5 miles (8 kilometers) off the Oregon coast. He woke up at the docks, in extreme shock. He was being loaded into an ambulance since he was 4 days short of breaking the world record for longest time without drinking. When the doctors asked him how he felt, he was extremely impressed by the late 20th century technology, and said "Dais-o-merum fallius makh-merador!" meaning "I think I've been asleep for a thousand years!". Two days later, he was in an english class in order to learn to communicate with other Americans, since they can't return him because the fall made him lose 60% of his memory.

He is now a fluent speaker and resides in Playmobil City, Oregon. He makes an excellent stunt-double for anyone who looks like him, giving him the nickname "Stunt-Playmobilian", in 2009, he breifly starred in his own show "The Adventures of Stunt-Playmobilian" on YouTube, although the first swing of his show didn't last 5 months before KhAnubis productions was founded, his movie is going to be followed by a new show on his own channel.

Film lifeEdit

Movies Stunt-Playmobilian The Movie (SPTM) | runtime: estimate of 70-80 minutes | coming: ?-?-2013/2014

Playmobil D.C. (P.D.C.) | runtime: unknown | coming: unknown

YouTube shows/episodes

The Adventures of Stunt-Playmobilian (2009) (all episodes)

character (himself)

Stunt-Playmobilian The Show (starting 2014, ending N/A) (all episodes)

character (himself)

Personal lifeEdit


Channel: StuntPlaymobilMovie

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