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Fi?ures are a Playmobil theme launched in 2011released in end of 2011 in usa. They consist of polybagged Playmobil Figures, in two different assortments (pink for girls, blue for boys). They would appear too be based off of the LEGO Group's popular Collectable Minifigires.the pink and blue plastic bags are in seires 1, 2 and 3

Playmobil's statementEdit

Jamie Dickinson, marketing manager at Playmobil said: "The figure is at the heart of every toy Playmobil makes. It was the first Playmobil product designed, so it’s a natural progression that the figure has its own dedicated range with an exciting twist."alla figure has also her design style

List of figuresEdit

For boys:

Series 1: Blue Knight with Mourning Star, American Football Player, Boxer, Injured Mummy, Zorro, Pizza Baker, Rocker, Uncle Sam, Grim Reaper, Trophy Winner, Black Dragon Knight, Executioner

Series 2: Pirate Captin, Alien, Punk Rocker, Elvis, Basketball Player, Skateboarder, Mariachi Musician, Prisoner, Knight, Hansel, Kung-Fu Warrior, Space Hero

Series 3: English guard, Rock Singer, Cyborg, Buzz light-year, Dwarf, Racer, Dragon knight, Scarecrow man, Hockey player, Ninja, Tattooed Warrior, Caribbean Drummer

Series 4: Camera man, Buffalo warrior, Super hero with cape, Sumo, Beau or a klickywelt fan [klickywelt is a german forum about playmobil], Werewolf, Banker, Rhett butler, The Judge, Victorian hat man, Robber baron, Weight athlete

For girls:

Series 1: Princess feed's a dove, Fairy, Snow princess, Rock star lady, Ski girl, Roberr woman, Teenage girl, Witch, Horse rider, Cave woman, Mermaid, Princess

Series 2: Tinkerbell, Egyptian [maybe cleoptra], Encourages, Lara crapt, Tarzan's wife, Princess, Girl with pan, Dracula's wife [or vampire woman], Ballet dancer, Flower girl, Vet woman, Kimono girl

Series 3: Lady gaga, Statue of liberty, Flamngo dancer, Horse trainer, Cook, Victorain lady ,Pregment woman, Surfer, Indian queen, Bride, Ice skater, Female agent

Series 4: Chubby grandma, Teenage girl , Hollywood star , Geisha, Masai woman, Obesity woman, Wife of garbage, Woman with wigs, Bride and hollywood star with changing faces and the other fi?ures will post soon