4882 Robo Gang Battle Yacht is a Top Agents set release in a 2010-2011. It costs $49.99.

The Playmobil Robo Gang Battle Yacht is the ultimate technological weapon on the Playmobil oceans! And with a removable jet for a top deck, it also does pretty well in the sky. The Playmobil Robo Gang Battle Yacht also features shooting torpedoes and a foldout saw/battering ram to destroy any potential boarders. The set includes two members of the Robo Gang, two robotic animals, torpedoes, a brief case, Playmobil currency and four disks that most likely contain data on global destruction scenarios! Best of all, this yacht really floats, so it makes pretend play even more real! Measures 16"L x 8"W x 6"H. It includes two figures Dr. Devil and Captain.

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