4880 Robo Gang Lab with UV Flashlight is a Top Agents set release in a 2010-2011. It costs $38.95.

The Playmobil Robo Gang Lab with UV Flashlight is the brain behind the infamous Robo Gang operation. This lab is where a brilliant mad scientist assembles the dastardly robots with glowing rib cages that have become legendary in Playmobil World! The Playmobil Robo Gang Lab with UV Flashlight features lots of fun accessories including a robot charging station, two robot animals, lab equipment, a miniature microscope, scientist figure and two robots. The UV flashlight helps kids to find hidden stickers and charge the robot rib cages. Cause some technical trouble with the Playmobil Robo Gang Lab with UV Flashlight!


  • Robots feature flashing rib cages (batteries included)
  • Dissemble and reassemble robots
  • Includes Professor Crazy the scientist figure, 2 robot figures, an extensive laboratory, 2 robot animals, robot charge station, mini microscope, multifunctional Ultraviolet flashlight with dynamo for robots charge station and other small lab accessories


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